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The truth about Teri's intervention!!!
Don't let this happen to you!!

The following story & pictures are shocking but we're telling it anyway. 


Gold Mine Guys show support for Teri


Always a fun out-going girl, Teri began to over party during the holiday season.  She was never seen without a Cosmo in her hand.  Friends noticed she began to start the party during working hours (ALWAYS a 'no-no') but grew concerned when she celebrated her way through Valentine's Day AND St. Patricks Day!  Friends close to her, attribute her agreement to do Rehab to her newest mentor, Jena White.  Teri is out of rehab now & plans to relax at the beach.  Let's hope she loses Britney & Lindsey's new cell numbers!  We love you, Teri!


Jena White, Teri's NEW BFF

Teri is always on the go. To see her, check out the half VW bug mounted on the front wall of the Gold Mine building. She's always on her way to somewhere...the beach, school, or a party. She loves parties and guys who drive VW's. She's got her own wardrobe and is always changing. Her stylist is Jose Barreto,& Jena White, who know just where to shop!!!
It was a Merry Christmas ! 2007
It took a dozen people to put up the "new" xmas display for Gold Mine.  Yes, we always had a bug for a sleigh but this is the first year we've used the half bug on the front wall of our building...and our VW CHICK, Teri!  That was an idea straight from the brain of past employee Leon Medina.  Owners Diva & Ralph Chase quickly called on Ernie Mitchell and Randy Varela for help. Help is also Jeff Steenbergen and the crew of Volks Stop, Jake and Steve.  John Gonzalez, Jose & Ann, Gabe & son, Feliz, and of course Isaiah and Jena!  It's all about WHO you know, and how smart they are.  Hope you enjoy it....we are!


Meet Teri, the Gold Mine Chick

TERI and the reindeer wants to thank Jena & Isaiah for styling her for this photo shoot.  It's not easy being on display all the time.  Just ask Paris, or Britney.

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